Earn Weekly and Monthly

All customers are automatically considered affiliates and therefore exercise the option to refer the Loyalty Rewards Membership and earn a commission. We hope you decide to become an affiliate and join the thousands that call NAMC, Home!

Affiliates Earn $40 for every $48 sale and $10 a month Residual

When you refer the NAMC “Loyalty Rewards Membership” You will make $40 per sale, which is paid out every Friday via Check. Then every month you will receive a residual payment of $10 when the person you refered pays their $24 a month membership dues.

How Does it Work?

Simple, You Purchase a NAMC Loyalty Rewards Membership First!

Next You have the option to Refer our Membership to anyone and receive a commission for it!


How Do I Earn a Commission?

Every Person Your Refer to NAMC that Purchases a “Loyalty Rewards Membership” ($48.00) you will be paid a Super Commission of $40 Paid to you on Friday! Furthermore if you refer a person that purchases 2 memberships at checkout you will receive a $80 super commission.


Is there a Residual?

There is!! You can earn $10 – $20 a Month, EVERY MONTH a member you referred Pays their Monthly Membership Dues ($24.00 – $48.00)!


Residual Payments

Monthly Membership Residuals will be paid on the 1st of each month for the previous month.

(Ex.  Affiliates that you’ve sponsored that have signed up in the month of February, have paid their March (monthly) membership dues will qualify you to receive a $10.00 monthly residual payment (per affiliate). That payment will be sent out to you on April 1st.)

 * Please note that depending on your local mail carrier it will take 3-5 business days for you to receive your check.

Potential Income Earnings!